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Is Snowboarding Hard? 10 Questions Answered for Your First Time Snowboarding

Trying something new takes a lot of guts. I am an overthinker and perfectionist, so trying something new is always difficult for me, and I have tons of questions. Snowboarding was no different. If your mind works like mine, all the questions you have about trying something new can put a damper on the excitement. …

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Your Guide to the Best Snowshoe, WV Restaurants

Snowshoe is a gorgeous must-visit destination in West Virginia, most well-known for being home to the Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort. Whether you visit Snowshoe for snowboarding, skiing, or another outdoor adventure, you’ll absolutely fall in love with the village’s charm. While you’re in Snowshoe, you’re bound to work up an appetite from all the calories …

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18 Epic Adventures in the Southeast for This Fall

Here in the Southeast we are so blessed to have the beautiful Gulf Coast, Atlantic Ocean, and the Appalachian Mountains running in between as our playground. Not to mention all the lakes, rivers, National Parks, and other outdoor places for fun. Adventures in the Southeast USA are easy to come by and this collection contains …

Man and woman rafting the Nantahala River.
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Whitewater Rafting in NC and Adventures with the NOC

Who knew that white water rafting in North Carolina was so popular? I can tell you for sure that I didn’t until I met my husband a few years ago. Imagine this: You’re leisurely floating down the river enjoying the beauty of the trees or boulders lining the banks beside you. The people in the …